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Animal Exclusion Services

Animal exclusion is a process whereby any gaps or openings that are a quarter inch or wider are sealed to prevent entry from unwanted wildlife. Gaps such as these are most often found along the roofline where there’s an original construction gap, near utility penetrations, and where concrete, brick and/or stone joins siding material. 

Our professional wildlife control specialists seal these and other potential entry points with materials designed and manufactured to exacting specifications.

Clean up is the final step in the process. Rodents such as squirrels and rats mark their territory with urine, feces, and body oils. These contaminants and their odors can persist for years, especially when absorbed into your insulation. Aside from the scent attraction, urine and feces from squirrels, rats, raccoons, and skunks can be a serious health risk. Ask about our disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide treatment options as well our contaminated insulation removal and new insulation installation services.

Our bird spiking and control service are the most advanced in the industry and are beyound satisfied. Urban Wildlife Techs  uses only the highest quality bird spikes to ensure that our products do weather and deteriorate. We also use only the highest quality sealants to ensure that the spikes stay secure to the building. If you have birds nesting on or near your building, harassing your customers in the parking lot or causing any sort of problem for you, call Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts today for your free quote on commercial bird control. 

Our attention to detail, customer service, and state of the art exclusion techniques has allowed us to sever the situation from your circumference of your home and or business.

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