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Los Angeles Bird Removal and Control can help you get rid of Pigeons from your home, attic, crawlspace, and yard. We Provide Humane Trapping and Removal of Birds in Los Angeles, Ca.​ We are the Best Bird Trapping and Bird Control Company in Los Angeles. Pigeon and Birds are usually labeled as a nuisance wildlife species due to their destruction and dwelling on private properties. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Birds nesting in homes or buildings
  • Birds waste clean-up
  • Birds digging up the garden
  • Birds living in the attic
  • Birds living in the crawlspace
  • Bird stuck in kitchen hood vent 
  • Bird stuck in the chimney
  • Birds stealing pet food
  • Birds acting aggressive  
  • Birds entering through pets door
  • Dead birds in the attic or crawlspace
  • Birds presence alarming dogs/pets

It happens, So  many people wish to have the Birds Trapped and Removed by a Bird Trapping and Removal Company.


We Provide Humane Trapping and Removal of Pigeons & Birds in Los Angeles, Ca.​ We are the best Pigeon & Bird Control Solution in California. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts is a wild bird pest control company located in Los Angeles, Ca. We are the best at solving conflicts with nuisance wildlife. My trained wildlife staff can capture and remove pigeons and birds. Urban wildlife also offer repair services from pigeon and bird damages, cleanup of pigeon and bird waste, exclusion of pigeons and birds, and many more. We specialize in humane trapping animal solutions and complete every job.  Basically, we can resolve any pigeon and bird problems at your private residence or business place. We are committed to providing a safe, effective and humane solution to all nuisance pigeon and bird problems at your home and/or commercial property throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding area's (in California).  

Getting rid of pigeons or birds just got easier  ~ Call us for Bird control


​Urban Wildlife Bird Removal can help if you have birds on the rooftop of your home, in your attic, business, or property. We are the experts at Bird Control and my Bird Removal Specialist use the most innovative and up to date methods to wildlife removal in your circumference. Only humane methods are used and our work is highly effective. Some examples where birds can become a problem are: rooftops, attics, garages, ledges and other building structures. We use the best live humane bird traps, cleanup methods and exclusion techniques. If you have a pigeon problem, give us a call to hire my Professional Bird Removal Specialist in your area. We are a qualified Bird Removal Company in California. Bird Removal consultation and assessment of Bird Problems ~ Guaranteed Bird Removal and Exclusion ~ Pinpointing entry points and damages the birds may cause ~ Sealing potential openings with (StealthNet) Bird Barrier products ~ Repairing or sealing with materials that are constructed of high quality materials.

Health concerns:

​As the young birds develop they will contaminate almost everything in the area with their urine and waste. When most birds are young, they sometimes die causing tremendous odor problems. When birds accidentally get indoors they will contaminate the inside of a building with waste, urine and bird mites. Birds will often infest a building for many years causing the building occupants to be exposed to major health and respiratory problems. Birds can act as vectors for spreading diseases such as psittacosis, salmonellosis,campylobacteriosis, mycobacteriosis (avian tuberculosis), avian influenza (bird flu), giardiasis,& cryptosporidiosis over long distances. ***Some of these are zoonotic diseases that can also be transmitted to humans.