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HEALTH CONCERNS:Skunk Removal, Skunk Control, Spreading Diseases Nuisance skunks cause health concerns for You, your family and your pets. Most diseases are transferred only through direct contact, although the droppings within a structure can cause extremely harmful diseases (Histoplasmosis, Hanta-virus, Roundworm, Giardia lambliaetc.). Simply being near a Skunks is not considered a risk. Pets should receive regular vaccinations from your veterinarian to reduce risk. Report any direct contact with your pets to your county’s animal control office. Any human contact (scratch, bite, etc.) with Skunks should be reported to the county health department immediately as well.

Skunks are omnivores—a skunk will eat just about anything, including your trash and any pet food lying around. Skunk Control and Skunk Removal: Skunk Spray can Hurt You. Urban Wildlife Trapping will help you removes skunks. Handling  a skunk by its Black and White not allowing it to lift its tail makes it harder for Skunks to spray our Specialist. Skunks do not have a very good depth perception, they often get stuck under homes and die. skunks are well known for their strong odor especially when their dead. They frequently choose to live under homes and decks, sheds, or porches. They cause a problem with their odor, particularly during the mating season. They also often fall down window wells and get stuck. 
this means that we are frequently on job-sites and hired to crawl underneath house and remove dead skunks and nest or whatever the skunk may have left behind that may cause health sickness to you or your family . 

There are several skunk species in North America, but their behavior is relatively similar. They are nocturnal and omnivorous. They frequently choose to den underneath homes, and they are not particularly fast, so there’s a good chance your dog will catch one and get sprayed, or even get sprayed yourself. 
Skunks are legendary for their powerful predator - deterrent a hard-to-remove, horrible-smelling spray. A skunk's spray is an oily liquid produced by glands under its large tail. Skunks spray as a defense against their predators lifting up their large tails and unleashing a horrible odor on their victims.

Skunk Facts: A skunk is Very easy to recognized by their two white stripe down its back and by the horrible stink it can make. Skunks will make themselves a home underneath your decks, sheds, crawl space, and under your home.Skunks will get into anything they can fit in or under.