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Communicate consistently and with integrity, to the public and co-workers. Provide honest and accurate information on agency policies,
procedures and programs, including the disposition of animals. Accept responsibility for your actions.


Treat all living creatures with respect and dignity. Create an environment which encourages and solicits input from all. Recognize the
value of each individual or group. Acknowledge and respect socio-economic, cultural, ethinic and philosophical differences.


Apply city, county and state laws impartially and within organizational guidelines. Provide humane treatment and care for animals.
Seek ways to improve operations and delivery of services. Pursue excellence! Seek input, cooperate and share information with other
individuals. Maximize the efficient use of resources and minimize waste. Be accountable for your actions.


Use good judgement instead of being judgmental. Listen to and consider opposing viewpoints. Make decisions based on totality of
circumstances and without personal bias. Apply consistent principles in decision-making while allowing for flexibility.


Search for solutions instead of obstacles in your interactions with others. Strive to provide for the physical and psychological needs of
all animals. If necessary, provide a humane and dignified death for animals using recommended and approved methods. Extend the
principles of caring and compassion to the public. Show sympathy and be responsive to the feelings of others. Provide a supportive
environment in which to deal with the issues of euthanasia and grief.


Represent the organization in a professional manner. Strive to promote positive relationships with other agencies, organizations and
individuals. Support the goals and objectives of the organization.