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Bird-Be-Gone is the leaders in Bird Control Products around the World!!

We Provide Humane Prevention Techniques of Pigeon & Bird Control in Los Angeles, Ca.​ We are the best Pigeon & Bird Control Solution in California.

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts is a wildlife pest control company located in Los Angeles, Ca. We are the best at solving conflicts with nuisance wildlife. My trained wildlife staff can capture and remove pigeons and birds. Urban wildlife also offer repair services from pigeon and bird damages, cleanup of pigeon and bird waste, exclusion of pigeons and birds, and many more. We specialize in humane trapping animal solutions and complete every job.  Basically, we can resolve any pigeon and bird problems at your private residence or business place. We are committed to providing a safe, effective and humane solution to all nuisance pigeon and bird problems at your home and/or commercial property throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding area's (in California). 

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Pigeon and bird prevention/exclusion is a process whereby any gaps or openings that are a 1/2 inch or wider would be sealed to prevent entry points for unwanted birds. Gaps such as these are most often found along the roofline where there’s an original construction gap. Gaps in the eve, gaps near utility penetrations, and where concrete, brick and/or stone joins siding material. These areas are common places we find birds roosting, nesting, feeding, and trying to keep cool. 

bird-Be-Gone Has The Best Bird Control and prevention products that works

Our professional wildlife bird control specialists seal these and other potential entry points with materials designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. We install deterrents (Bird Spikes, Bird-Coil, Flex-Track, BirdSlide, Eagle Eye & Stealth Net) to help keep birds (OFF or AWAY) from your property for good. We use the latest Bird-Be-Gone Products on the market, 

Our bird spiking and bird control services are the most advanced in the industry and are beyond satisfaction. Urban Wildlife Technicians uses only the highest quality Bird Deterrents to ensure that our products do well in all weather conditions without deteriorating. We also use only the highest quality sealants to ensure that the spikes will stay secure to the building. If you have birds nesting on or near your building, harassing your customers in the parking lot or causing any sort of problems for you, call Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts today for your free quote on private or commercial bird control. 

Our attention to detail, customer service, and state of the art prevention/exclusion techniques has allowed us to sever the situation from your circumference of your home and/or business.

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Pigeon & Bird prevention Services
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  • bird-coil
  • bird wire
  • Bird-Shock
  • flex-track
  • bird Stealth Net
  • Bird slide
  • Bird-off gel​