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Dead Animal Removal

Are you in need of a dead animal removal service? Do you have a dead animal smell in your home or business? We have the experience dealing with dead animal locating, removal and odor removal. It is also important to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry in the first place. We take efficient and proper steps to prevent future wildlife problems in your home or office.​

Here are the most common situations that we deal with:

  • Dead animal removal from within a wall
  • Dead animal removal from an attic
  • Dead animal removal from a crawlspace
  • Dead animal removal from a yard or under a deck

Dead animal smell in house can attract all types of insects and disease, not to mention other nuisance animals which hope to feed
on the carcass. Of course, the smell and/or sight are also offensive.

If an animal has died on your property and you do not wish to dispose of it yourself due to health concerns or other reasons, Urban Wildlife Tech can & will remove it for you.

If dead animal removal is required from within the structure of your home or office we can find its location and attempt to remove it. This may involve some demolition, for example, cutting the drywall of a ceiling or wall in which a dead rodent is located. (Repairs are estimated before demoliting and extra cost for repairs)

Once the dead animal removal process is complete Urban Wildlife Techs can apply a special odor digesting enzyme to the affected area that helps control and remove the odor.

After the animal is removed we can provide a quote to repair most of the materials that we may have to dismantle. Common dead animal services require: repair of drywall, siding repair, insulation clean-up, repair of decks, as well as deodorizing the affected area. Urban Wildlife Tech can repair all areas.